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PhD coordinators at INF

In every department a PhD coordinator is appointed by the head of department after consultation with the head of PhD School. The PhD coordinator is refering to the head of department and is responsible for the PhD area at the department. The PhD coordinator and the supervisor of the PhD student are the most important contacts for the PhD student at the department.

Please contact:

Laura Skouvig: PhD Coordinator

Ragnhild Riis: PhD Secretary

The tasks of a PhD Coordinator may involve the following:

  • To answer inquiries from potential PhD applicants.
  • To receive new PhD students in collaboration with the department and the PhD School.
  • To promote the integration of the PhD students to the academic environment of the department.
  • To help improve the wellbeing of the PhD students in the department.
  • To participate in the development of the course programme at the PhD School - for instance via participation in the PhD course committee as well as through planning, organising and carrying out relevant PhD courses.
  • To work as liaison between the department and the PhD School.
  • To pre-screen the evaluation reports of the PhD students before they are handed in to the head of PhD School and on behalf of the department monitor the process of approval after the reports are handed in.
  • To approve the departmental travel grant funding of the PhD students on behalf of the faculty.
  • To assist the head of department in setting up assessment committees for assessing the PhD theses.
  • To facilitate collaborations with external partners concerning the PhD area on behalf of the department together with the PhD School.
  • To handle other questions related to the PhD area that may arise at the department.
  • To monitor the quality of the supervision (in cooperation with the head of PhD School).
  • To organise, in collaboration with the head of studies, the best use of the PhD students' teaching skills and resources.
  • To promote the PhD projects of the department and make them visible to the surrounding society and plan career guidance within the specific areas of the department.
  • To organise pre-defence and master classes.