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We are a multi-disciplinary department, with a broad range of research traditions and disciplines present among our scholars and researchers.  A central focus in much of our research is to explore the relations and interactions between humans and systems, platforms, and organizations that organize, rank, sort, seek, recommend, and communicate information.  And most importantly, for us information is something that tells someone something in a given situation or context – information is grounded in culture, language, and sociality.

The individual researcher or research group, however, often has a focus on a specific phenomenon in their research, e.g. search engines, libraries, the science, digitality, the internet, web archives, algorithms, Facebook, cultural politics, museums, or fake news. 

Research projects

INF is home to several research projects, for instance:

  • ALMPUB - Norwegian research project with Danish participation
  • Our Museum
  • Primacy of Tense: A. N. Prior – Now and Then
  • Project with The Zealand Region and Roskilde University (hospitals' information systems)

Research Committee

The Research Committee at INF supports the research environments and outlines research strategic priorities.  Members of the Research Committee are:   

  • Jens-Erik Mai, Professor and Head of Department
  • Camilla Moring, Associate Professor and Chair
  • Hans Dam Christensen, Professor
  • Jack Andersen, Associate Professor and Head of Centre for Genre Research   
  • Niels Ole Finnemann, Professor   
  • Morten Hertzum, Professor   
  • Nanna Kann-Rasmussen, Associate Professor and Head of Centre for Cultural Policy Studies 
  • Laura Skouvig, Associate Professor and PhD Coordinator