About the department

We are a department with a rich history and a strong reputation as an international leader in information studies. We are now a department at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Copenhagen – as a humanistic, cultural, and social based iSchool.

Our focus remains on systems, platforms, and organization that organize, rank, sort, seek, recommend, and communicate information.  For a long time, we primarily studied the library as an organization engaged in those activities – today those activities are integrated into any and all digital media, and is a concern for many public and private organizations and systems of information.

As a department, we are uniquely multi-disciplinary; our faculty members have a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds that allow us to offer educational programs at the bachelor, master, and PhD levels that meet today’s demands for critical thinking and knowledge about contemporary information practices.

In the classroom students meet engaged teachers who employ a student-centered approach to involve students in discussions and activities about the subject matter.  This allow students to interact with each other and learn from the experiences that each student bring to the classroom.  Our educational programs in information studies provide students with the required skills and knowledge to analyze and design today’s digital information and communication technologies, with a special focus on the cultural and social contexts of those technologies.

Jens-Erik Mai
Professor and head of department