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Jette Seiden Hyldegård

Jette Seiden Hyldegård

Head of studies

Primary fields of research

I am interested in understanding peoples's information seeking behaviour, that is their thoughts, actions and experiences while seeking information - and how we may investigate these processes. I have primarily focused on students, individually and collaboratively.

I am member of the research group IBID (Information Behavior and Interaction Design).

Studies (selected) of information behaviour:

  • International students' information seeking behavior abroad, 2015- 
  • Head of Studies' information seeking behavior and practice 2015-2017.
  • Use of social media for information seeking, 2013.
  • Usability study of 3 web tutorials for information literacy, Danish-Norwegian project 2010-2011 (funded)
  • Secondary school childrens' information seeking behavior - a case study (2010)
  • Projekt (2001-2006): Mellem individ og grupper - en undersøgelse af gruppemedlemmers informationsadfærd i en kontekst (ph.d.-projekt). Se også referencer på litteraturlisten.


  • Information seeking behavior
  • Collaborative information seeking
  • Usability
  • Qualitative methods and approaches


  • Member of the Research Board at the South Danish University Library, 2016 -
  • Representative for the Faculty of the Humanities in a strategic project on study leadership and development at the University of Copenhagen, 2015 -
  • Member of the academic board for the e-journal Nordic Information Literacy (NORIL)


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