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Trine Louise Schreiber

Trine Louise Schreiber

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Research areas:

My research has a focus on the following subjects:

  • Digital literacy and technological understanding
  • Information literacy and information practice
  • Theoretical issues around practice theories including socio-cultural theory and Actor-Network-Theory (ANT)
  • The theoretical development of information studies

In the last decade, traditional assumptions in information studies concerning information and knowledge has been replaced by approaches in which ´meaning´ and ´interpretation´ make the central points. Further, in the last years the actor-network-theory (ANT) has been of interest in information studies caused by the role this approach gives to materiality and technology. In my research I investigate what this turn means for key concepts such as ´information literacy´and ´digital literacy´, but also what it means for analysis of particular information practices.

Just now I am concerned with how to apply practice theories and ANT in a study of implementation and use of digital learning resources in information practices in educational libraries. I study questions about how introductions and integration of new digital resources are going on: Will the new practices be integrated in the already existing practices, or are the already existing practices eventually a kind of barrier for new ones?  What does the materiality of a particular technology means in relation to an implementation process? Another important question - seen in relation to ANT - is how the concept of translation can be used in an analysis of implementation of new digital technology and changes in well-established work processes. In the empirical investigation, also a question concerning meaning and  status of a concept like ´digital literacy´ is posed. 

My publication "Conceptualizing students´ written assignments in the context of information literacy and Schatzki´s practice theory" published in Journal of Documentation has been recognized by Emerald´s "Outstanding Paper Award" in 2015.



Teaching activities in autumn 2018:

  • The module "Theories and traditions in information and cultural studies", Master in Information Science and Cultural Communication
  • The module "Problem solving and design", Bachelor in Information Science and Cultural Communication
  • Team coordinator for Master and for 5. and 6.semester, Bachelor

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