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Laura Skouvig

Laura Skouvig

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research


  • Information history and the history of the information society
  • Information networks in the city. Copenhagen 1800-1810 (current project)
  • History and theory of surveillance
  • Theories and traditions in information- and cultural studies
  • Michel Foucault
  • Rhetorical genre theory
  • Library history

My research field is information history though my interest broadly speaking relate to other fields within cultural and social history. Though I started within the field of library history I'm now interested in a hodgepodge characterized by book history, media history, communcation history but adressing the informational aspects. By this I mean that my key focus is how information has been understood, used, dispersed, organized, disciplined etc. in different periods and how the concept of information has changed too.


ID: 44929082