PhD at INF

PhD projects at the department often reflect department’s multidisciplinary research profile. The projects typical explores the relationships between digitale systems and technologies, humans, culture and society. 

The PhD programme is a 3-year research education, you can apply for, if you have obtained a relevant master degree recognized by The Danish Agency for Higher Education.  As a PhD student you work on an independent research project that can either be part of a bigger project or stand alone. The PhD projects are highly valued contributions to the overall research conducted at the department.

PhD coordinator at INF

The department has appointed a PhD coordinator, who can give an introduction to the department, suggest courses, help arrange a pre-defense, etc.

Associate professor Laura Skouvig

 PhD students at INF

Engström, LisaPhD fellow +45 353-21314E-mail
Jensen, Susanne KroghPhD fellow  E-mail
Lapenta, Gry HasselbalchPhD fellow +45 353-21363E-mail
Lin, Yu-TzuPhD fellow +45 31 39 37 15E-mail
Mathiasson, Mia HøjPhD fellow +45 353-21304E-mail
Myrczik, Eva PinaPhD fellow +45 353-21373E-mail
Søilen, Karen Louise GrovaPhD fellow +45 353-30228E-mail