Centre for Cultural Policy Studies

The Centre for Cultural Policy Studies is a research centre situated in the Department of Information Studies at the University of Copenhagen. The centre focuses on the interaction between societal development, the cultural field and decision-makers.

The purpose of the centre

  • To initiate, support and increase visibility of research in cultural policy, cultural institutions and cultural leadership
  • Strengthen networks and cooperation between Danish, Nordic and international cultural policy research
  • Support research-based education in cultural policy
  • Contribute to strengthening the contact between agents in the cultural field and the field of cultural policy research

Head of centre: Associate professor Nanna Kann-Rasmussen.

Deputy head of centre: Associate professor Henrik Jochumsen.


The researchers engaged in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies are interested in the changing relationships between the agents in the field of culture, including decision makers, producers and users. We are also interested in how digitization and media development change and challenge the cultural landscape.

The research includes:

  • Cultural policy nationally and locally
  • The conditions and dissemination practices of cultural institutions
  • Cultural leadership

More about the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies at the centre’s Danish website.