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CoLIS 9 in Uppsala!

CoLIS 9 will be a collaboration between the Department of ALM (Archive, Library and Museum Studies), Uppsala University, Sweden,  and the Division of ALM, Lund University, Sweden. The conference will take place in Uppsala - probably in the middle of June 2016.


The Eighth International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science will take place at the Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen University, August 19-22 2013.

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Instructions for presenters

Deadline for registration:1st of August, 2013.

The conference is supported by The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities.


Emerald, Ferring Phamaceuticals, Philips, Royal Library

Call for papers

Important dates

  • 1/3 2013: deadlines for submission of papers
  • 15/4 2013: editorial board receives papers back from referees
  • 1/5 2013: authors receive message about whether their papers have been accepted or not - as well as suggestions for improvements
  • 15/6 2013: authors have to submit final manuscripts in a form that can be copied for the conference.
  • 18/8: Doctoral Forum, Lund University
  • 19/8 - 22/8 2013: CoLIS 8

Theme of the conference

The theme of the conference is - as indicated in the name CoLIS- Conceptions (approaches, theories, etc ) of Library and Information Science (LIS).

Relatively well established subfields of LIS include:

  • Knowledge organization and information architecture
  • Knowledge management
  • Library studies
  • Information behavior
  • Interactive information retrieval
  • Information systems
  • Scholarly communication
  • Digital literacy
  • Bibliometrics or scientometrics
  • Interaction design and user experience

We are especially interested in papers discussing theoretical aspects of LIS, for example, by putting such relatively well established information science areas into interplay with broader issues such as (but not limited to):

  • Rhetoric and communication theory
  • Philosophy of information and language
  • Social media and user generated innovation
  • Persuasive design
  • Cultural diversity in late modern societies
  • Social and cultural theory
  • Etc.