Lisa Engström

Lisa Engström

PhD fellow

Current research

Project titel: Libraries without librarians - what do the users do then? Governmentality, self-management and non-rationality in libraries with staff-less opening hours

Project start: 1 february 2016

Supervisor: Henrik Jochumsen, Nanna Kann-Rasmussen

Affiliations: Center for Kulturpolitiske Studier, Arkiver, Biblioteker og Museer, Nordisk Tidsskrift for Informationsvidenskab og Kulturformidling

The aim of my dissertation is to examine howusers are governed in public libraries with staff-less opening hours. In addition, I explore how this governance relates to an imperative in society in general, as well as in libraries, to self-govern. When exploring governance, and governmentality, in this context, I focus on the users, on their experiences of and practices in the library, both during regular and staff-less opening hours. Thereby, I also contribute to the analysis of the techniques and practices of governmentality in society today. In addition, I explore users’ practices and experiences that transcends governmentality. In accordance, I raise the following research questions: How are users governed by others in the library and how are they self-governing? How are manifestations of governmentality in libraries related to a societal imperative to self-govern? Do users also express experiences transcending the concept of governmentality, if so, how could they be understood?

Research interests

  • Public libraries
  • Staff-less libraries
  • Governmentality
  • Heterotopia
  • Power and participation
  • Cultural policy

ID: 154264800