Practice Studies

Practice studies is a shared framework for group members' research interests such as genre and media theory, the encounter between digital technologies and work practices, and theoretical and practical analysis of the evolving practices around digital writing and the use of digital texts. In spring 2018 the group organized a lecture series about new developments in the intersection between work practices an digital technologies. The lecture series was funded and hosted by Centre of Communication and Computing (CCC) at University of Copenhagen.


Andersen, JackAssociate professor +45 31 70 56 89E-mail
Elbeshausen, HansAssociate professor +45 353-21464E-mail
Moring, Camilla ElisabethAssociate professor, deputy head of department +45 353-28276E-mail
Schreiber, Trine LouiseAssociate professor +45 353-21402E-mail