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Surveillance, Information Ethics and Privacy

The researchers in this group are concerned with questions that arise as a result of an understanding that society is permeated by surveillance. In short, we are interested in surveillance as a socio-cultural phenomenon that has arisen in and is formed by a particular historical context and the issues that arise in the wake of this.

Externally funded research project


Lapenta, Gry HasselbalchPhD fellow +45 353-21363E-mail
Mai, Jens-ErikHead of Department +45 93 56 59 80E-mail
Skouvig, LauraAssociate professor +45 353-21320E-mail
Søe, Sille ObelitzPostdoc +45 353-21409E-mail
Søilen, Karen Louise GrovaPhD fellow +45 353-30228E-mail