Testimonials from exchange students at INF

Francisco Javier Gómez CaballeroFrancisco
Francisco is a student of documentation at the University of Grenada in Spain

"My teachers in Grenada told me that the teaching system and the teachers are very competent at INF. In Spain, the teachers do most of the speaking, but here at INF you get the opportunity to participate in the course in a more direct way and everybody is treated equally. I think you learn much more in the "Danish" way, where you also work in groups and can express your own opinion. Also, the classrooms are very modern and well equipped in a way that I am not used to. It makes a nice atmosphere when we are having classes. I like to get a new experience and to live in a country where everything is different from the South of Europe where I come from. And it has been almost surprisingly easy to become a part of the Danish study environment and social life. I take part in a lot of social arrangements, and I have been to a lot of live arrangements with jazz which I am very fond of. But remember to bring all your warm clothes because in Winter it is rather cold in Copenhagen!"

Zarife YldırımZarife
Zarife is a student of Information Management at Hacettepe University in Turkey

"I like the Scandinavian style of living, and INF has everything under the same roof. At my University, library and information Science is just a department. I want to see different countries and socialize with people - and my studies abroad will also develop my language skills in English. The teachers at INF force us to work in a more independent way than I am used to. We work a lot in groups and discuss the articles from the curriculum. Also, the classes are not overcrowded which gives us time to discuss with the teachers and each other. I very much like the course about Libraries as Enabling Spaces for Creative Practices because it makes me be creative myself. We also went to Stuttgart for a workshop, where we met even more people, and that was great. As for the examination, we make assignments and papers which is a good practice for me when I shall prepare my master's degree in Turkey. I live in a hall of residence with other international students. I have got lots of friends, and we cook together and have a lot of fun."

Eric SaltzEric
Eric visited INF for two weeks as part of a study abroad program at the School of Library and Information Sciences at North Carolina Central University in USA.

"If I had to tell others about my experience in Denmark, I would let them know how  privileged I was to be able to have this experience. Like many others, I have not been fortunate enough to be able to in the past be a part of a Study Abroad Program. Because of this, I was so glad that I could be a part of something that would give me an opportunity to see another culture and see sites I could not even fathom.

If I had to choose a couple of my favorite moments from my time there, I would say meeting the past and present faculty members of the Department of Information Studies as one of the best. Being able to listen to their experiences, receiving their wisdom, knowledge, and expertise about all aspects of librarianship. And on top of that, they then went above and beyond by showing us different aspects of Danish culture, food, and their lifestyle.

Another moment I would love to relive in Copenhagen would be daily walks and bike rides I would take to venture around the city, taking in the beautiful architecture, art, and scenery. But most importantly I would tell others that this is a trip that I hope that can continue on into the  future. Not only so future study abroad students can see these places or even experience the culture, but more importantly have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and take that away from this program. This experience enables you to see who you really are, what you are really made of, what you are willing to try, what you are willing to do, and all other kinds of questions you wouldn't even think about until we are given the opportunity to do so."